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Depot activities

Added by Hirundo over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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This is sort of a tricky issue.
The following things can be done in depots

- stopping
- servicing
- autoreplace/autorenew
- buying
- cloning
- selling

What should be allowed and what not?


#1 Updated by Hirundo over 10 years ago

Basically, it boils down to allowing buying/cloning or not. The others can't be reasonably disallowed without causing a lot of trouble.

#2 Updated by planetmaker over 10 years ago

I guess it makes sense to disallow buying and cloning trains. Generally, if it's easier, as an option possibly. That way you can have your own track sections w/o foreign interference, if you like - though it's a weak argument as that's not possible for the other three vehicles types either.

#3 Updated by Hirundo over 10 years ago

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Almost all activities are linked in one way or another. Disabling one or more things just doesn't really work.
Furthermore, any restriction would conflict with the general philosophy "Don't solve social issues by technical means."

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