Bug #6520

Capacity setting for passenger and mail cars not working

Added by dandan over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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I'm pretty sure this used to work at some point... will try to figure it out.


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Hmm, I think I fixed it. The GRF management for the recolour tables for bulk cargos used the same parameter as the capacity. But now I'm a bit sceptical that I'm doing the whole GRF management thing right. It seems to be working fine, but we should keep an eye on recolour.pnml ;-)

#2 Updated by stevenh about 6 years ago

Also confirm double-deckers:

Then still on the matter of trains, i m surprised to see so little difference in the capacities of the 
emus even though some seems to be double deck and other not (i may be mistaken on the double 
deck thing...but the 285 and 251 series Emu really look like they are...but don t have increased 
capacities compared to some that are simple deck.

#3 Updated by stevenh about 6 years ago

Further comment from Valdez:

As for the capacity issue:
285 series EMU - it is double deck, sure, but it is also a sleeper unit - the capacity might be lowered on purpose
583 series EMU - there's definitely an error - wrong capacity, should be consistent with other express single-deck NG EMUs
215 and 251 series are a mixture of both single and double level, and they're observation units, so again, might be done on purpose.

#4 Updated by stevenh about 6 years ago

Request from Mizari:

The capacities for "very high" should really be higher than they are, rather. It's only a little higher than default. 
It's even lower than the real capacity (+standing) which should at least be possible to have. 
With cargodist there's often demand for higher loading.

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