Bug #6209

Absolute unix file system paths causes livelock in nml path resolving

Added by Alberth almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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The cause is the while loop with os.path.split:

11:22:42 < gynter> Alberth: the problem is with os.path.split('/')
11:22:54 < gynter> This always returns ('/', '') therefor path will never be ''

Attached patch solves that problem, and improves on unix path handling in not requiring read access to directories.

See also http://irclogs.qmsk.net/channels/openttd/link/1374230018#1374230018 to http://irclogs.qmsk.net/channels/openttd/link/1374245032#1374245032 (10:33 to 14:43).

UXGJ (3.69 KB) Alberth, 2013-07-19 14:55

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Revision 2092:1abff6d28064
Added by Alberth almost 6 years ago

Fix: Don't loop forever on / paths, addresses #6209 (gynter)

Revision 2093:d0dd45dec06d
Added by Alberth almost 6 years ago

Feature: Also handle accessible but non-readable paths, closes #6209 (gynter)


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Applied in changeset d0dd45dec06d.

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