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Make smooth train turn on 90 railway turn

Added by George about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Current code only assumes that railway can have only 45 degree turns.
But when a train comes to 90 degree turn, the code skips 5 views and turns the train on 90 degree in 1 step.
It would look much better if the code could control this situation and would provide the missing views in turn.


#1 Updated by oberhuemer about 7 years ago

Indeed so, but personally speaking, 90° turns are very ugly and slow, and I've always been able to avoid them. I just don't see much sense in adding a good bit of extra code and fitting many offsets just for this rare and undesirable case.

#2 Updated by Eddi about 7 years ago

We did discuss this early on, and i decided to not bother myself with 90° turns.

if you have a simple concept, maybe it could be improved, but i will not invest much time into figuring it out.

#3 Updated by Eddi about 7 years ago

To elaborate a bit more:
the current movement model with 3 articulated parts means we can essentially differentiate 2 intermediate states:

  • the first part turned, the second and third part are straight
  • the first and the second part turned, the third part is straight

that means, we can only have 2 intermediate steps shown in 90° turns, even though we have graphics for 5. so no matter what you do, you will end up with something that "jumps"

i guess the closest solution would be the views to go
  • 0 (straight vertical/horizontal)
  • -> 2 (intermediate state)
  • (skipping 3 = straight scren-diagonal)
  • -> 4 (intermediate state)
  • 6 (straight horizontal/vertical)

in the switch that checks turning states, if the vehicle is turned by more than 1 "direction difference"

#4 Updated by Eddi about 7 years ago

i now pushed something in r762 so the movement in 90° turns goes 0->1->5->6, for 0->2->4->6 we need a new set of offsets for the intermediate views

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