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file name missing

Added by planetmaker over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Can't read sprites/pcx/mus/BM65.pcx: No such file or directory

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Revision 287:b6383f85f538
Added by planetmaker over 10 years ago

Fix: Uppercase != lower case for filenames, in 90% of the MU templates wrong. Closes #585


#1 Updated by planetmaker over 10 years ago

Mind that case matters. The file name is lower case while in the NFO it appears as upper case.

sprites/nfo/mus/bm65.pnfo:#define THIS_PCX_FILE sprites/pcx/mus/BM65.pcx // Graphics file

IMO the better solution is to change the NFO to lower case (upper case file names suck) ;-)

Oh. Fixing it for this one file doesn't do it. It's the point the CF fails. It fails for probably quite some other MUs, too which all have the very same issue.

#2 Updated by planetmaker over 10 years ago

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Applied in changeset r287.

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