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Transrapid 08 - CODE

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Rail: Maglev
Name: Transrapid 08
Designed: 1999
End availability: 2029
Weight: 100 tonnes
Consist: 2 driving cars, 1 carriage
Top Speed: 501 km/h
Power: 2,800 kW
Capacity: 120 passengers
Refits to: Passengers, Mail, Goods, Valuables, Diamonds, Gold, Food
Max Units: 5

To allow creation of longer trains with greater visual effect and realism, with this train when 2 or more are joined together the sets of driving cars from separate trains that face each other will re-skin to carriages (of the applicable cargo type refitted to). This way up-to 7 tile trains can be created capable carrying a mixture of passengers, mail, valuables and the other express cargos if needed.

After addition be sure graphics artist credit is given to DanMacK and PikkaBird.

TR8.png (6.85 KB) lawton27, 2009-09-08 21:17

TR8-2.png (6.8 KB) lawton27, 2009-09-11 17:36


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Fixed sprites.

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I'd recommend doing this next, its basically an exact copy of the TR9 but with a different sprite sheet and stats.

Also available in: Atom PDF