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refit policy accessible via parameter

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There are two policies wrt refit possibilities: strictly realistic and rather limited and on the other hand maybe not as limited, but less realistic. Maybe it's an idea to make this configurable via grf parameter :)

E.g. a liberal policy would allow silo wagons be refitted to liquids, too while the stricter, realistic policy wouldn't allow that.


#1 Updated by DJNekkid over 11 years ago

too much work for too little gain, imho. And, arent there enough parameters already?

On the other hand, i've thought about in a future version, all MU's will have a realistic length, and is built that way automaticly. I.E, a TGV is 10 units long, a ICE3 is 8, other trains will be built as their original length (via parameter). This way trains will have a even more specific roles.

A TL3 TGV duplex does the job just as good as a X2000, so why use the X2000? But IRL is the X2000 TL3 (iirc).
And the same for metros. Now everyone probably use the one that is fastest and with highest capacity. But with more or less fixed lengths they would all surve a purpose.

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