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MLU002 - Code

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Note stats Max Units corresponds to how many can be placed together in one train.
Here I have drawn the MLU002, it's speed ect is similar to the MLU001 but it is single car so it is refit-able to various cargos to encourage its use, it has an end date, so obviously I will need to make a more modern maglev with cargo capacities, I may add it to the MLX01.
Rail: Maglev
Name: MLU002
Designed: 1987
End availability: 2007
Weight: 30 tonnes
Consist: 1 car
Normal Speed: 290 km/h
Top Speed: 400 km/h
Power: 1,000 kW
Capacity: 40 passengers
Max Units: 1
Refits to: Passengers Mail, Goods, Valuables, Diamonds, Gold, Food

MLU002Sheet.png (3.32 KB) lawton27, 2009-08-27 18:34

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