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Make it work with ECS!

Added by IronFist over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2013-02-11
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Playing this script with friends is a lot of fun, but if you could add support for ECS( http://www.tt-wiki.net/wiki/ECS_Vectors ) it would be great!


#1 Updated by frosch over 7 years ago

What does not work? For me it works just fine.

Maybe check whether you have some weird parameter configuration of ECS.

SiliconValley automatically classifies industries into primary and secondary industries. And cargos into raw and processed. If you use some weird ECS settings which forbid funding or prospecting you might run into trouble.

#2 Updated by IronFist over 7 years ago

It works, but you have some third industries like vehicles factory, printing works(even fourth), furniture factory etc.

So suggestion is add third industries as option to settings.

I just want to make a way more interesting goals :)

#3 Updated by IronFist over 7 years ago

I did some research and you can get goal for vehicles, but it's random. For singleplayer it's OK, but in MP one corp can get glass goal and other goods for example. I don't know whether is possible to separate industries into more levels or only into primary and secondary.

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