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While translating a string also allow to show translations in another parent language

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January 20, 2013, #opencoop.devzone

(05:38:23 PM) Ammler: the main lack of openttd translation is support of a "parent" language
(05:39:50 PM) planetmaker: Ammler, the problem therein is that it would potentially allow parent chains...
(05:40:07 PM) planetmaker: not a show-stopper but definitely a thing complicating it
(05:40:30 PM) frosch123: esp. the windows installer
(05:40:38 PM) planetmaker: Ammler, and then, starting a new translation based on another is not that bad. It just needs maintenance
(05:40:39 PM) frosch123: unless the option to install individual languages was removed
(05:40:54 PM) planetmaker: that's an option I could do without quite fine
(05:41:03 PM) planetmaker: it saves the equivalent of 2 mp3 files
(05:41:12 PM) frosch123: but ofc. the new webtranslator could allow display of other languages in parallel to the original string
(05:41:16 PM) Ammler: planetmaker: it could be done without support of openttd
(05:41:18 PM) planetmaker: which is unmeasurable on a 1TB disk :D
(05:41:25 PM) Ammler: just with a good translator
(05:41:49 PM) planetmaker: frosch123, Alberth that's a good idea, yes :-)
(05:41:50 PM) Alberth: frosch123: "could allow display of other languages in parallel to the original string" ?
(05:41:57 PM) planetmaker: yes
(05:42:08 PM) Alberth: I don't understand it
(05:42:09 PM) Ammler: Alberth: no need for "original" string, just parent string
(05:42:17 PM) planetmaker: like "show me English original and German translations when I do a swiss one" 
(05:42:31 PM) planetmaker: Ammler, and when the parent doesn't exist?
(05:42:31 PM) Ammler: I don't need english to make swiss
(05:42:33 PM) frosch123: Alberth: configurable per language; so if you translate pt_BR you could see the existing trasnlation of pt_PT, if there is one
(05:42:43 PM) planetmaker: ^
(05:42:46 PM) Ammler: planetmaker: then I get parent of my parent
(05:42:47 PM) Alberth: ah, ok
(05:42:59 PM) planetmaker: Ammler, exactly :-)
(05:43:11 PM) Ammler: which is not necessary "original" 
(05:43:37 PM) frosch123: Ammler: you always want to see the english original
(05:43:43 PM) frosch123: else you have a case of "stille post" 
(05:43:59 PM) Ammler: frosch123: yes, I should be able to set the parent
(05:44:49 PM) Ammler: english is not always the original
(05:45:37 PM) planetmaker: de-facto OpenTTD treats languages as having english_GB as their parent


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and optionally copy that string

#2 Updated by andythenorth over 7 years ago

IMO, nice to have, not essential.

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  • Subject changed from While translating a string also allow to show other translations to While translating a string also allow to show translations in another parent language

#5 Updated by foobar about 7 years ago

I second this motion. It would be nice to see the original language and one or more other languages (if they are already translated) of choice. When translating Dutch for instance it often helps to also see the German translation for those cases of "how am I going to put this".

Personally I'm thinking of a per-user setting attached to the user account. The idea of parent languages is nice, but may be a bit complicated to implement, with the risk that it doesn't match all users preferences. Maybe a Dutch guy from Turkish descent wants to see the Turkish translation when translating a set to Dutch. Where myself I have no use for that because I can't read Turkish.

#6 Updated by frosch over 5 years ago

Eints now suggests translations from other languages with same language code.
Currently this triggers only for:
  • pt_PT and pt_BR.
  • zh_CN and zh_TW.

It does (intentionally) not trigger for the base languages, so in the usual projects it does not trigger for en_*.

If someone knows what languages are related to which, we could add a list of related languages to the language definition. A user-configurable list is not viable, since eints does not know about users, only about authentication.

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