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Changing introduction dates for buildings - before 1930

Added by keoz over 7 years ago.

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Hi guys,

This is about the problem of the introduction dates of the earliest buildings in TTRS, which only start in 1930 (as described here : and further). I'd like to propose an (initial ?) solution to have an earlier game.

I made some modification to the nfo's files (ttrs3w.pnfo and banks.pnfo), modifying the intro dates to the buildings which had 1930 as starting date. Their ending availibility is kept unchanged. The major part of the buildings starts now in 1800, while only some (skycrapers, firehouses with cars, cinema ...) start later, to let it realistic (so, the Lenin statue only starts in 1921 :D ). At a first sight, it seems to work fine, but I still didn't tested it on a long play.

To note: I used long format dates, maybee there could be a problem about compatibility with TTDPatch (which doesn't support them if i get all correctly ?). Anyway, i propose here the patches (I tried to do correct format patches, I hope it's the right way).

And, obviously, if anybody has suggestions to make it better, they are welcome.


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