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Updating sprites

Added by zephyris about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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A new grab of the sprites from zbase is needed to fix the current black sprite issues. How is this triggered?


#1 Updated by Rubidium about 8 years ago

zbase is still at the revision the last nightly build was made from.

To update the graphics the nightly is built with, zbuild needs to be updated to refer to the zbase you want to build with.

Under unix-y OSes that means cloning zbuild, running the fetch_subrepos script in zbuild, hg commit and hg push. If I perform that now both commit and push tell me there are no changes.

#2 Updated by Ammler about 8 years ago

you see here, which revisions zbuild is using:


a83335a053dea3e8b9ca0b867f003fbaf1042408 zbase = a83335a053de (current zbase head)

#3 Updated by zephyris about 8 years ago

Apologies, it looks like my latest push to the repo failed... I will look into this tonight.

#4 Updated by zephyris about 8 years ago

So, why might my local copy think it is in synch with the repo when it is two versions ahead?

#6 Updated by Ammler about 8 years ago

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We might consider to autoupdate and commit zbuild, if zbase get updates, as those might not need any code mods anymore.

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