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Left has partial foundations

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I fail to see the point of sugar falling on the ground, wouldn't it be nicer to copy the floor at the right also at the left, and let the sugar disappear through the holes?

sugar2.png (540 KB) Alberth, 2012-10-19 15:12

sugar_mine.cfg (893 Bytes) Alberth, 2012-10-19 15:12

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Update: Sugar mine, should help fix a couple of bugs (though realignment might be needed) (Bug #4351) (Bug #4397).


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I like your solution for the red caps!
The new sprites have a blue/white tile foundation, I don't know whether that is intended. If it is intended, it's wrong, as the extensions on the pole to hold the sieve are not long enough. It it is not intended, they need to be removed :p

I have been working on preventing the glitches, and it appears that sprite 4773 needs to be bigger. The grey-ish area in the image was added by me for that purpose. The added cfg states the sizes. "xsize/ysize" is the size of your image, and left/right/top/bottom was added to get the grey area.
As you can see, the image needs to be wider than your image currently is, which means I cannot use your image to add this empty space.

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