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Added by Muzzy over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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It would be nice to have a parameter to disable fences on all tracks.
I have tried to load nofences.grf, but it does NOT disable "Betuveroute [25kV AC]" fences, probably because it uses non-standart fences sprite.

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Feature: Parameter to set fences (closes #4234)


#1 Updated by Transportman over 5 years ago

My guess with the nofences.grf is that it replaces the original fences by using the sprite numbers (just an identification number for those sprites, that can be used as a reference by NewGRFs) of those fences. Since the Betuweroute uses different fences, those fences have different sprite numbers, so the nofences.grf does not replace those fences.

Just to be sure: Do you want a parameter that disables fences (basically loading a transparent sprite with a different ID) or one that allows the loading of standard fences (so not defining them and let OpenTTD use the standard ones which can be replaced by other NewGRFs)?

#2 Updated by Muzzy over 5 years ago

Well, I think I would prefer the first case. It would be nice if I could disable all fences without loading nofences.grf and save one slot for other newgrf files :-)

#3 Updated by Transportman over 5 years ago

Ok. Of course this NewGRF is not meant as a replacement of nofences.grf, but I can understand your reasons (I think).

What do you think of a parameter with the following options:
-Dutch Track Fences (default)
-OpenTTD Fences (for use with a NewGRF that replaces the OpenTTD fences)
-No fences

So it has what you want (no fences), but also allows loading of a NewGRF that provides other fences.

#4 Updated by Muzzy over 5 years ago

Proposed three options are fine for me. Thanks in advanced !

#5 Updated by Transportman over 5 years ago

I'll try to code it in this week, been quite busy last two weeks with other stuff, but this week should be a bit less busy.

#6 Updated by Transportman over 5 years ago

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