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Have m4_experiment branch built nightly

Added by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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The default branch now builds nightly after the reduction in repo size.

I would also like the m4_experiment branch to build nightly.

A grf.spec file was created as suggested by planetmaker and the branch has the build/nightlies/enable file.

At present I do not know if it is trying to build, or is failing or even if this works at all.


#1 Updated by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago

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Information is that the CF current builds the tip of the default repo only, but I hope alternative branches can be added to the build system.

#2 Updated by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago

<Ammler> [08:58] <planetmaker> yes. the CF cannot build branches currently <-- that has lowest prio for me, so either merge to default or create a "pseudo-tag"

#3 Updated by Ammler almost 8 years ago

if branch is that important to have nightlies, create a own repo (subproject)

#4 Updated by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago

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I'll investigate the "pseudo-tag" suggestion otherwise I will have a look at how much work it will mean to have it as a separate repo.

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