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Target version:FISH 2


(19:07:26) Alberth: andythenorth: hi, would it be an idea to speed-up FISH boats by eg 10% when empty?
(19:18:36) andythenorth: Alberth: could do
(19:18:57) andythenorth: the log tug does it
(19:19:04) andythenorth: and one of the hovercraft

(22:09:16) FLHerne: andythenorth: Is FISH going to have autorefit sometime?
(22:09:21) andythenorth: yes

(10:05:15) ***Alberth needs FISH with auto-refit
(10:06:44) Prof_Frink: auto-refish

(20:19:21) Alberth: I had a question about fish for you, why would you use the Patraikos Freighter rather than 2 Oran Freighters?
(20:20:31) Alberth: the former has 1080 tonnes 13124/year cost, the latter (2x) 720 tonnes 8662/year
(20:22:21) andythenorth: it's a good question

(20:26:33) Alberth: And your Maddelena and Stornoway Ferries allow refitting to all cargo types. However, they looked too nice to me to refit them to coal

(21:50:19) Terkhen: andythenorth: I complain about lack of autorefit :P
(21:50:30) Terkhen: if you are looking for complaints, that should help you

Eddi|zuHause: it's difficult to refit a log-raft
[21:05] andythenorth: you can refit between WOOD and TWOD iirc
[21:05] Eddi|zuHause: although you might want to carry supplies on the way back
[21:05] andythenorth: oh dear
[21:05] andythenorth: you just gave me ideas
[21:05] Alberth:
[21:05] Supercheese joined the chat room.
[21:05] andythenorth: oh that's horrible
[21:05] andythenorth: the log tug could be changed to be a general tug
[21:05] andythenorth: with a capacity of say 4t
[21:06] andythenorth: but the option to refit to 400t of anything that can be towed


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Done, apart from log-tug-can-refit-to-supplies, which I think is a nice idea, but let's not do it right now. If it's a good idea, it will emerge again.

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