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Extended cargo definitions for wagons

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Some users of this set would like to carry more cargo types in certain wagons. FooBar is fine with that, but he isn't going to figure out what the cargo definitions should be, as he likes how they are now :P
So anyone interested in extended cargo type support can take this small job, which only consists of putting cargo labels into a file. FooBar will then code it.

What to do:
- download the attached file and open it with a plain text editor.
- each wagon type has definitions (arrays) for cargo_allow_refit and cargo_disallow_refit.
- for most wagon type definitions, you can simply move a cargo label from one array to the other.
- the last (five) wagon type definitions have nothing in cargo_disallow_refit, for these you can just add labels to cargo_allow_refit without removing them from cargo_disallow_refit.

Cargo label reference: http://newgrf-specs.tt-wiki.net/wiki/CargoTypes


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