Bug #3970

Default livery of manly-morel becomes fruit (and several others too)

Added by Alberth about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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A bit of IRC log:

(20:45:46) supermop: im using regular trains, and the manley morel, dash, and 125 all default to having the heads carry fruit
(20:46:01) andythenorth: that's interesting
(20:46:15) supermop: just noticed after 20 years of running horrible commuter services
(20:46:16) andythenorth: raise a FIRS bug?
(20:46:23) andythenorth: http://dev.openttdcoop.org/projects/firs/issues
(20:46:31) andythenorth: I have no idea why or what can be done to fix that :)
(20:46:49) supermop: as with the original DMUs i limit unpowered cars to 1 or 2 per MU set to keep HP up
(20:47:40) supermop: so would have a train of A-B-A-A-B-A (a is dmu head, b is passenger car), that could only carry 80 people
(20:48:19) andythenorth: I've no idea why they do that instead of PAX
(20:49:18) Alberth: you can stack fruit to the ceiling and on top of the engine :p
(20:49:22) supermop: me neither, never had that problem with 2cc etc so i am inclined to think its a default vehicle problem
(20:49:26) supermop: yep
(20:49:27) andythenorth: supermop: I can't replicate it
(20:49:43) andythenorth: Alberth: can you replicate that?
(20:49:54) andythenorth: of if you're busy, np
(20:49:58) ***Alberth looks for an openttd
(20:50:08) supermop: I actually feel that every thing should refit to everything - I can carry suitcases full of coal onto a flight if i really wanted to
(20:50:33) supermop: i cant remember if its original trains or ogfx+
(20:50:39) supermop: i'll check tonight
(20:50:53) MNIM: fun fact: during the blockade of berlin in the cold war coal was flown in through the air
(20:51:03) Alberth: oh, some idiot dev changed all strings in the settings window, this is going to take a while :p
(20:51:31) supermop: might be + because the ic 125 cars take on special livery to match the locomotives
(20:55:47) andythenorth: hmm
(20:55:59) andythenorth: my gut says this idea of 'sand for iron works' might be wrong
(20:56:40) andythenorth: but the gearing down on the metal chain is insane in early games
(20:57:00) andythenorth: 8t ore + 8t wood = 8t metal 
(20:57:44) andythenorth: 8t metal = 2.5t ENSP, 2.5t FMSP (with rounding losses or gains for hex maths)
(20:57:48) Alberth: andythenorth: yes
(20:58:06) andythenorth: yes it's insane?  or yes you replicated the bug? :)
(20:59:10) Nat_aS is now known as Nat_AFK
(20:59:14) Alberth:  http://devs.openttd.org/~alberth/fruity_engine.png
(20:59:57) Alberth: sand for iron works is quite a stretch, I agree :)
(21:00:24) andythenorth: the fruit is opengfx+ trains related?
(21:02:14) ***andythenorth reverts sand at iron works
(21:02:28) Alberth: without the ogfx+trains it has passengers
(21:02:34) andythenorth: same here
(21:02:42) andythenorth: opengfx+ trains bug

for completeness, I attached the fruity_engine image too here.

fruity_engine.png (35.5 KB) Alberth, 2012-05-08 19:02

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Revision 581:57cf1596cb9b
Added by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago

Fix #3970: Default livery of manly-morel becomes fruit (and several others too), added default_cargo_type property to vehicles.


#1 Updated by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago

In r712 of the m4_experiment repo, I am setting the default_cargo_type for vehicles.

#2 Updated by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago

Implemented in m4_experiment branch, needs to go into the default repo.

#3 Updated by Xotic750 almost 8 years ago

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