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Suggested by FooBar http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=59201&p=1005231#p1005206:
I'd make the betuweroute twice as expensive as 1500DC and the HSL eight times as expensive as 1500DC. Then you still have the balance with the default costs, as these are not default rails there is no problem to make these more expensive.

Metro probably as expensive as 1500DC. In real life it depends a bit on the amount of tunnels and viaducts. These make metro systems expensive. Regular level track is somewhat cheaper than regular rail track.

And suggested by jor[D]1 to provide a parameter to modify it.

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Feature: Modified costs, no parameter yet (issue #3880)


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Thanks to Michi_cc:
Default cost factors are 8,12,16,24 (RAIL,ELRL,MONO,MGLV) for both construction and maintenance. I'd recommend using the default cost factors as the initial basis. Higher or lower costs could then be optionally achieved by changing the matching base cost.

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My suggestion:

rail: 8
1500dc: 12
yard: 10
betuwe: 24
hsl: 64
future: 48
metro: 12

rail: 8
1500dc: 12
yard: 12
betuwe: 12
hsl: 10
future: 10
metro: 12

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