Bug #3803

DevZone compile failed

Added by compiler about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Please visit http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/cets/push/ERROR/r659 to find further info.

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Revision 660:7abee85945a5
Added by Eddi about 8 years ago

evaluate the sprite dimensions in the generator script instead of relying on nmlc's sloooow template evaluation. this speeds up compilation by 30% (3min->2min), but doesn't seem to help with #3803, memory footprint actually seemed larger, even though this clearly reduces code complexity


#1 Updated by oberhuemer about 8 years ago

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Did NML really run out of memory? Definitely server-side, but it's probably still the time to take another look at splitting this up...

#2 Updated by Eddi about 8 years ago

i don't even get it... nothing has changed code-wise.

#3 Updated by Eddi about 8 years ago

i just watched a build locally, and it peaked around 31% (of 4GB).

i have an idea that i wanted to try to reduce compile time, maybe it works to reduce memory footprint as well, but i think it's NML's fault, it should really not explode like this...

#4 Updated by Ammler about 8 years ago

I rised memory limits of devzone significantely (+50% to 6 GB), I am not sure, if it was wise for the system, but cets builds again...

#5 Updated by oberhuemer about 8 years ago

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NML did it

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