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Multi-car consists

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How do we go about seperating these sprites and what is the appropriate naming convention.

For the 390 as an example, the consist is as follows:

Front, Pantograph Front, Car, Car, Car, Car, Car, Pantograph Back, Back.

Would this require 9 seperate sprites sheets, or 5 different sprite sheets.

And would the naming convention be: 390_13_Virgin_Front or 390_13_Virgin_1, or some other variation?

Can this script even handle multiple car consists, or would each piece have to be built seperately?


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Everything that shares sprites can share a sprite sheet. If there are several IDs using the same one, enter part B of the file name (see below) into the "Graphics File" column wherever applicable.

if you feel the need to update or add any graphics, you can check them directly into the repostitory.

file name format is:



A is the (first) company name as per the tracking table (e.g. "pruss")
B is the vehicle's short name as per the tracking table (e.g. "G7_2")
C is the length (numerical value only, no "lu") (e.g. "5")
D is a variant name that you are free to choose (alphanumeric and underscore only [A-Za-z0-9_]) (e.g. "DRG")

E = color depth (8bpp/32bpp, only 8bpp supported)
F = zoom level (zi4, zi2, normal, zo2, zo4, zo8; only normal level supported)

be aware of case sensitivity. e.g. check the extension is ".png" and not ".PNG"

the variant name will be noted in the "Graphics" column in the tracking table

There are several switch types for graphics, but those will only be needed after more sprites have been adapted.

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Going to put this in docs soon

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