Code Review #3704

Handling of Toyland climate

Added by planetmaker over 8 years ago.

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Currently we throw a fatal error. It might be nicer to issue a warning of "This NewGRF will have no effect in toyland" and be less "violent" about it.

23:12 Alberth: but a fatal error is so strong
23:12 planetmaker: just error?
23:12 Alberth: just a silent 'do nothing' would be nicer.
23:12 planetmaker: hm
23:13 Eddi|zuHause: you can simply disable the grf, in NFO terms "skip to end of file"
23:13 Alberth: or error 'we don't do anything'
23:13 planetmaker: Yes, that's possibly a good point. Let's change that
23:13 Alberth: as a kind of reminder (which might get tedious, but perhaps better than getting reports 'it does not work' ?
23:15 planetmaker: Alberth: but it poses the question then: "why do the NewGRF parameter not work in toyland" when the user there selected like wood chain, farm chain and iron ore chain
23:16 planetmaker: after all, the point is (also) to select those industries which you'd like

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