Bug #3690

Regression: glyphs gone missing in OpenTTD 1.1.x but not in 1.2.x

Added by planetmaker almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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The sprite font is not chosen in 1.1.x with Danish translation:

openttd_dansk.png (108 KB) planetmaker, 2012-02-12 21:19

3690.diff Magnifier (15.5 KB) Rubidium, 2012-02-18 20:32


#1 Updated by planetmaker almost 8 years ago

22:34 Rubidium: 870 bad
22:35 SmatZ: Rubidium: indeed, reverting r23038 on 1.1 fixes the misalignment
22:36 Rubidium: for that font
22:39 Rubidium: planetmaker: I suspect 858 (1139-1150)

22:49 Rubidium: nope... doesn't seem to be smater
22:49 Rubidium: 857 good
22:51 Rubidium: oh...
22:53 Rubidium: r23582 'fixes' it in trunk
22:54 Rubidium: so whatever characters were removed due to that in opengfx should remain in the branch for 1.1.x and earlier

#2 Updated by Rubidium over 7 years ago

The attached diff should fix it. It was created by cutting out as much of the characters that were affected by OpenTTD trunk r23582 from OpenGFX r857. I didn't bother trying to find the right sprite in the current font_addl.png file, so I added a copy of the r857 font_addl.png file. I know it's a bit of a hack, but I don't think much time should be spent fixing this corner case.

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In r917 (0.4 branch only needed)

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