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Drawing wood textures

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I find it very difficult to draw wooden planks/textures on buildings, and considering I am drawing alpine chalets, is quite an issue. Any tips on how to improve?

Attached are attempts at it... the walls should really be wooden textured.

sloped_house_tran_0.png (1.09 KB) Swissfan91, 2012-02-09 12:36

long_house_tran_0.png (1.14 KB) Swissfan91, 2012-02-09 12:36

barn_tran_0.png (1.07 KB) Swissfan91, 2012-02-09 13:37

barn_tran_0_try1.png (2.1 KB) V453000, 2012-02-09 16:13

log_hut_tex_893.png (2.09 KB) George, 2012-02-09 17:27


#1 Updated by Swissfan91 over 8 years ago

Here is my newest attempt at drawing a wooden building. Having gone for wooden planks... it looks too uniform. It needs some noise, but then noise ruins plank effects.

#2 Updated by George over 8 years ago

Swissfan91 wrote:

please provide a photo with the effect | view you want to get

#4 Updated by Swissfan91 over 8 years ago

George: http://www.earthphotos.com/Countries/Switzerland/barn2/1020465196_HEL5b-L-1.jpg

Andy: The lighting on your wood... that's what I need to work on.

#5 Updated by V453000 over 8 years ago

I tried something like this.

  • tried to make it from more than 2 colours so it gives you the possibility to make some noise instead of lines
  • changed the right wall, the front under the roof with the windows, and the right bottom under that
  • even added the darkest shade of the pale green as I had no more colours to use but it did the job (I think)

#6 Updated by George over 8 years ago

Like this?

#7 Updated by V453000 over 8 years ago

that is nicely systematic and keeps some good amount of colours :) I mixed a bit too many ... but in that small amount of space like the area under the roof it isnt easy to fit the pattern

#8 Updated by athanasios over 8 years ago

Admittedly in such a small scale you cannot do much. Check the Toyland wooden house-I faced the same problem.

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