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FS#4975 - Buses engine's power

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Forwarding FS#4975 (http://bugs.openttd.org/task/4975):

When a realistic acceleration for vehicles is enabled each standard bus except the MPS Regal Bus is unable to reach its maximum speed due to not enough power.

I think it should be changed to:
1) Hereford Leopard Bus should have Foster's power (152hp)
2) Foster Bus should have ~220-250hp
3) Foster mk2 Superbus should have ~400-450hp like nowadays modern buses have got

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Change #3544: Tweak power and speed values for most trucks and buses.


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OpenGFX+ is supposed to enhance the default vehicles with new features. As wrong as the default values can be, we should keep them as the default values in OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles too. I'm all for implementing them with a parameter, though :)

Should we change power for trucks too?

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