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DevZone compile failed

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13:23 Ammler: hmm
13:23 Ammler: has releases a own files file?
13:24 Ammler: hmm, that might be it then
13:26 Ammler: http://dev.openttdcoop.org/projects/opengfx/repository/revisions/6a28faaf0e35/diff <-- you have nml- in there too
13:28 Ammler: and do not forget, you need to retag, since the CF settings are also version dependend
13:28 Rubidium: planetmaker: pushing 0.4.0 now
13:28 Ammler: Rubidium: don't
13:28 Ammler: or does that not change md5sum?
13:28 Ammler: hmm, might not
13:29 Ammler: (ok, ignore me :-P)
13:29 Rubidium: I'm using the binaries that planetmaker 'pointed' me to
13:30 planetmaker: we'll fix that for the next release, Ammler, as it's really only devzone
13:30 Ammler: yes, the "fix" should not change md5sum, so it should not matter
13:30 Ammler: planetmaker: bullshit, but I should not care

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