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palette indices used for cargo recolouring

Added by planetmaker over 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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There are basically two options discussed:
- using magic pink used no-where else
- using the fire(?) palette

IMHO using the fire palette disallows some potentially interersting things. Like red lights or burning oil barrels and alike while I see little backdraw in the pink


#1 Updated by michi_cc over 8 years ago

Just draw such specific graphics as separate sprites without recolouring, problem solved.

#2 Updated by oberhuemer over 8 years ago

The fire colors are better. There's no use for them on trains and they're more clearly distinguishable (red lights: level crossing colors, burning barrels: why that?).

#3 Updated by Eddi over 8 years ago

The suggestion was that NML will ignore the colour values of the magic pink entries, so the artists could set them to any colour they want for more distinguishibility. that can't be done with the fire colours.

#4 Updated by oberhuemer over 8 years ago

That just produces two more bits of work for no reason; fire colors have enough contrast.

#5 Updated by oberhuemer over 8 years ago

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No disagreement = no more problem

#6 Updated by oberhuemer about 8 years ago

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I'm wondering how this squares with 32 bpp sprites (as in "what needs to be done").

#7 Updated by oberhuemer almost 8 years ago

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Can be avoided

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