Bug #3222

alignment of trains

Added by planetmaker about 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Target version:0.5.0


Especially in the depot they look placed slightly too high. Possibly use unified alignment templates.

trainalignment.png (3.82 KB) frosch, 2012-01-28 23:57


Code Review #1914: Alignment of maglev enginesNew

Code Review #3139: review use of train alignment templatesNew

Bug #3876: train view - (horizontal) isn't aligned like original (tt...Confirmed


#1 Updated by frosch almost 9 years ago

The sprites might be one pixel too high, but they are also two pixels too far to the left.

In attached screenshot you can see original graphics and ogfx. One engine is being dragged, so a selection rectangle is drawn. While the original engines are completely inside the rectangle, the ogfx ones extent over the left border and leave blank columns on the right.

This also causes vehicles in the depot to be clipped when they are at the front of a train.

#2 Updated by planetmaker almost 9 years ago

  • Target version set to 0.5.0

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