Feature #3185

action 5 offsets

Added by foobar over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Status:AssignedStart date:2011-10-24
Priority:LowDue date:2012-04-01
Assignee:foobar% Done:


Target version:-


Now that we can have action 5 offsets for 1.2.0, this allows to greatly reduce the filesize of this grf, by separating track, wires and gui. Goal here is to have no duplicate sprite in the grf.


#1 Updated by planetmaker over 8 years ago

I'd not (yet) go for that, if you want to maintain 1.1.x compatibility. Unless, of course, you make use of 1.2.x features in other places which make this NewGRF incompatible with the 1.1 branch anyway.

#2 Updated by foobar over 8 years ago

Thanks for your concern :)

This was mainly intended as a reminder for myself. I'm not making a new version before OpenTTD 1.2 is released. Ideally I release this on the same day as the release of OpenTTD 1.2.0. No new features (I think this is pretty much feature-complete), only a reduction in filesize (as 1.2 MB for just tram tracks is rather huge).

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