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I would like to request a project on your DevZone, my work is GPL3 and therefore legitimate to be hosted by you.

The application is currently capable of reading and displaying information from a GRF file, somewhat similar to Grf2Html but with a GUI. I think it is now mature enough to use. It is based on the Wiki spec for GRF7 but likely riddled with errors or misunderstandings, so it would be useful to get some testing and feedback.

The intention is, if there is demand, to make this into an editor for modifying or creating GRFs. No graphics editing capability is intended (that's what GIMP, etc. are for), but I can imagine utilities to select rectangles from existing PNGs and to assist with relative placement of sprites.

The code uses Qt4.7 (LGPL v2.1), with QtCreator as the development IDE, if that's important.




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Project with hg repo created, please ask here or on irc for further questions....

complete settings here:

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Just as a related note: In principle we can also offer other VCS. Mercurial is simply the default being used here.

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Well, I use SVN at work, and the local repository is SVN, but I think it would not hurt for me to learn about hg.


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Ok, then I consider the issue resolved as everything is there. You can happily clone the empty repo and push via https to the repo via your devzone's credentials to

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