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It may be worth looking into the possibility of determining payment
(for non-trains) as a function of transferred cargo.

Effects on gameplay will need to be investigated. Possibly, we could
open a poll on the forums.

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(svn r142) -Feature development: [1016299] Console Rev #3 allowes variable references and has a new commandline buffer (sign_de)

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I'm not sure I understand in what way you envision to treat non-trains different from trains when it comes to transfers.

#2 Updated by Hirundo almost 11 years ago

I would still prefer paying per ton of transferred cargo, at least for non-trains and possibly for trains as well. (Trains already pay per month) For trains, 'train tile' is a bit confusing to users if you ask me. Perhaps pay per 100(0) tonnes per tile or per day/month?

To be either closed or done something about.

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Forgot to set version

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