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Applying for project: Japanese town names & US Midwest town names

Added by Sylf over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Hello, I would like to request a project on your DevZone, my work is or will be CC license (probably CC BY-NC-SA) and therefore legitimate to be hosted here.


#1 Updated by admin over 8 years ago

added you as Manager to Town Names, please create your projects self:

if you need a Mercurial Repository, do enable Module repository, but do not make any further repo settings, those will automatically setup...

Edit, the license you suggest is stupid, please consider to use GPL

#2 Updated by planetmaker over 8 years ago

Mostly I'd advocate to drop the "NC" part. That makes it incompatible with OpenTTD's own license (which is GPL btw) and in case of doubt would disallow joint distribution (e.g. in game collections).

#3 Updated by Ammler over 8 years ago

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you have already created jptowns, looks like you know how it works, we can close this

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