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Replacement sprites for Printing Works

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So I redrew the OpenGFX Printing Works to use as the FIRS Glass Works.

Do you want to use it for OpenGFX? I can commit the psd file / pngs to the opengfx repo.

It's out of style with the other OpenGFX industries. Reshading the brick buildings is quite quick so I wouldn't mind making them match.

The psd file is currently in FIRS repo here: http://dev.openttdcoop.org/projects/firs/repository/show/graphics_sources/glassworks

glassworks_shaded.png (6.13 KB) andythenorth, 2011-06-30 08:03


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Looks nice to me :-)
Do you maybe care to prepare a patch to bring it into the game?
Look at sprites/base/base_2011_industries.pnfo:177-189 and http://mz.openttdcoop.org/opengfx/newgrf.php?1=2161:2172 for the required sprites (construction stages / ground tiles included)

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