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epoch and region parameters

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<Yexo> than if you enable multiple companies there would be very similar engines, so "core" would mean only one of the similar ones
<planetmaker> initially I'm all for not going for the extended thing
<planetmaker> it's (at least initially) enough drawing work to get all base engines for each region and epoch done
<planetmaker> not to speak of the wagons
<Yexo> planetmaker: but if epoch 1 is useful with only prussia engines, but also useful with only saxony engines, there is bound to be very similar engines in the prussia en saxony sets
<planetmaker> yes, that's probably true
<Yexo> which means enabling both prussia and saxony leads to duplicate engines
<planetmaker> but it means you can play a nice scenario :-)
<Yexo> so I think "core" should only select one of the two engines in case that happens
<Yexo> "all" could then select both
<Yexo> so "all" would just be a combination of all engines that can also be found using other options, just not at the same time
<Eddi|zuHause> another category: "mix", "core", "ext": each company has an individually playable "core", and one of the similar ones through all companies will get "mix" flag
<planetmaker> probably a good choice
<planetmaker> on a tangent: Eddi|zuHause, you should sweet talk mb into your new track scheme. I like it and it makes sense and is not that difficult to support
<Eddi|zuHause> so when choosing "core" and "all" as parameter, only the "mix" engines appear
<planetmaker> though NML will need either parameters to accept LABELS or it needs a num2tring function ;-)
<Eddi|zuHause> when choosing "core" and "only X", then the "core" engines will appear

english.lng - lang file for parameters (2.8 KB) planetmaker, 2011-06-20 20:04

header.pnml - parameter block (2.41 KB) planetmaker, 2011-06-20 20:04


#1 Updated by planetmaker over 8 years ago

#2 Updated by oberhuemer almost 8 years ago

I'll push removing "mix" here. I can't find any code support, and anyone deliberately playing with several companies will probably want all engines too.

#3 Updated by Eddi almost 8 years ago

The idea is that "mix" will be the default for anyone just mindlessly putting in the grf, without exploring the parameters first. having "core/all" as default will probably overcrowd the purchase list easily.

code support is easily added once we actually decide on some vehicles for the core set, but i had this low on the priority list because that requires to have a semi-complete list of all vehicles first.

#4 Updated by oberhuemer almost 8 years ago

I don't see why more than one company should be selected by default, one is usually sufficient (say Prussia-DRG-DB-DB AG and private).

#5 Updated by Eddi almost 8 years ago

the problem i'm seeing there is that if we "promote" one company by setting it as default, many people will never explore all the different possibilities that the parameters offer. after all, this is the "Central European Train Set", not the "Prussian Train Set with a side dish"

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