Feature #2723

improve error announcing on rebuild

Added by Ammler almost 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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[14:24] <planetmaker> - report rebuild errors as now on IRC and put the info on the bundles server where they are also now
[14:24] <planetmaker> - raise a ticket only after 5 consecutive re-builds failed

[14:27] <Ammler> - report rebuild error to build require if all projects fail
[14:28] <planetmaker> maybe. what is "all" though?
[14:28] <planetmaker> this has IMHO less priority


#1 Updated by Ammler almost 9 years ago

  • Subject changed from improve error annoucing on rebuild to improve error announcing on rebuild

#2 Updated by Ammler about 8 years ago

we could also simply disable tickets on rebuilds

#3 Updated by planetmaker about 8 years ago

It might be worth to consider to raise a ticket on a failed re-build only iff
- the dependency (NML) changed wrt the first failed re-build
- the elapsed time between successive re-builds is at least 24 hours (or 48 hours).

Thus a failure caused by a bug in a dependency (or obs itself) would not raise an issue, unless that bug in the dependency remains unfixed for some time.

#4 Updated by planetmaker over 6 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (Ammler)
  • Category set to Compile Farm

Re-building of projects should be done somewhat periodically for all which have build services enabled.

I'm not convinced anymore that it should be done daily due to the amount of projects involved, though, but maybe a weekly schedule, randomized by Jenkins scheduler would do the trick here.

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