Bug #2612

Some industries and cargos use the same colours.

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  • Fruit and Livestock.
  • Paper and Steel.
  • Gold and Diamonds.
  • Copper Ore and Iron Ore.
  • Iron Ore Mine and Food Processing Plant.
  • Steel Mill and Paper Mill.
  • Oil Rig and Oil Wells (not important IMO).
  • Diamond Mine and Power Station.


#1 Updated by Terkhen almost 9 years ago

Forest and Fruit Plantation.

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Suggestion by V: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1lsZbbaA_KQ8Sh-Z4ygg3Bi6pybfiHug2oi_gZKsSNL0

Note: permissible colours are all palette entries of the DOS palette

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goldmine and sawmill

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