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properity for minimum required nmlc to build

Added by Ammler about 9 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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grf {
  minnml: 1301;

if the used nml doesn't fulfill this requirement, fail it with asking to update nml first


#1 Updated by Ammler about 9 years ago

maybe it is also a interesting value for the final grf, so writing the used nml version there as ActionC might be useful

Edit: this is indeed stupid idea, never save build infos to the binary

#2 Updated by yexo about 9 years ago

The problem with such a property is that if a new version of nml introduces new syntax older versions of nml won't even be able to read the minimal nml version because they'll fail on the new syntax. As such it's quite useless.

Writing the nml version as ActionC in the grf is not a good idea either, because it means the grf will change depending on the nml version you use you compile. Currently that already happens sometimes due to updates in nml, bujt when there are only codechanges the grf should remain the same.

#3 Updated by Hirundo almost 9 years ago

Since changes in the syntax (parser.py) have become significantly less common, this might be viable now.

#4 Updated by Ammler almost 9 years ago

if nmlc fails because it does not know the attribute, it is success ;-)

#5 Updated by andythenorth almost 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

TMWFTLB, nmlc will fail anyway if there is invalid syntax (including the case where the nmlc is too old to understand the syntax in the nml file).

Tidying tickets, so closing this one.

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