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build with new(est) version of NML

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OpenGFX+ Trains 0.2.2 was built with NML r1166 while at the same time already r1179 was the current version.

Besides this point and more for the makefile framework: is it a good idea to ship information on the required NML version with a build of an NML NewGRF?


#1 Updated by Ammler almost 9 years ago

not tested but should already be possible

nml needs to trigger build on push as r1166 is right now the newest version

r1166    2011-02-05    nml    nightlies    d8e9173e004a

and you should fail the build, if the nml version is too old.

#2 Updated by planetmaker almost 9 years ago

Well, the issue I had was: both versions built the newgrf - but the resulting md5sum is different. Which sucks for a release build; and it actually took me some time to find that the DevZone use not nml tip but rather an older, probably the nightly version.

#3 Updated by Ammler almost 9 years ago

yes, as said, if you need newer releases as nightlies, add nml builds on push or tag nml

if you do that, you also need to change the require of the nml projects, they use nightlies per default

note: the used package version is noted in at least 2 files:

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shall I configure this for you, else please close.

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Nightly is fine enough.

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