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Status:ClosedStart date:2011-01-03
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Edge to Edge bus routes (Bus_Route_Builder).
Separate Bus Route Builder into Infrastructure and Vehicle Building
Use a slimline, NoCAB approach to vehicle replacing.
Set a Bool value for the first time stuff.


#1 Updated by OTTDmaster over 9 years ago

run stress test - check for no crashes
make sure versions are correct (main.nut, info.nut & makefile)
update readme & changelog
run makefile

MINOR TODO: (x.x.x++)
extra debugs
tidy up Start()
merge BuildBusStop() into BuildBusItem()
think of a better name for BuildBusItem()
make AI un-sexist

MAIN TODO: (x.x++.x) (in rough order)
deal with tunnel/bridge build errors
re-write town-finder (currently ignoring towns that have ben built through)
remove failed bus stops (and depots)
manage failing vehicles
manage crashed vehicles
deal with company merger ask - only if AI can handle the vehicle types
autoreplace - crashed vehicles linked to this
manage lost vehicles
respect difficulty setting
add check for towns being pre-connected (see wiki)
add time limit for pathfinding
add configurable no. of buses per town
reform debug output (again)
better vehicle and cargo selector (think NoCAB) - done in testai
make stations build properly adjacent (easy)
try to get subsidies
respect town road layout (pathzilla does it)
save/load support (?)

WISHFUL THINKING TODO: (x++.x.x) (in rough order)
air support
road cargo support
rail support
Double rail support
Rail networks
ship support
write own pathfinders (road first)

6.x.x by end :)

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use the wiki

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