Bug #21

Abusing 2nd company to "cheat" money.

Added by Ammler about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Target version:IS2.0-beta3


petern wrote in tt-forums

It's very easy to cheat the system to gain lots of money at the start.

Meant is, you build some infrastructure, share it for max value (50'000) change or create a new company and let a train drive on that shared tracks.


True, and very difficult to prevent without harming normal companies at the start. Solution: the same as above, leave IS off when you don't trust people. (for what it's worth; the same applies to share trading to some degree)

And again Hirundo:

Suggestion: Do not allow sharing fees to drop your money below 0.* A news message pops up to warn the track owner that one of his 'customers' is unable to pay. This should reduce the abuse potential from hundreds of millions to the maximum loan.


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Add a switch which disables sharing fees when a company is in debt.
==> r12008

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