Bug #1990

AGV small bug

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AGV going N and S - small gap between fron engine and first coach.

Also, I'd suggest you change the name in the P-menu to "AGV" since we already have "TGV".


#1 Updated by DJNekkid over 9 years ago

i blame the drawer, and his wrong alignment :P

but from joke to relvolver... (sounds much more fun in norweegian, "fra(from) spøk(joke) til(to) alvor(seriousity)" ... is in a serious/humor-way interpreted to "fra spøk til revolver" as a joke where we talk about some fun stuff, and go to the more serious things...

eitherway, i'll look into it tomorrow :D

#2 Updated by Voyager1 over 9 years ago


Yeah, right, blame the drawer! ALWAYS blame the drawer!!!
AGV is misaligned - blame the drawer! Earthquake strikes Indonesia - blame the drawer! Martians occupy Earth - blame the drawer! Why don't we just shoot the drawer?!?


Just joking of course. Seriously, I've tried to figure out what have I aligned wrong but I just can't. Please, when you find my mistake, could you show it to me because I just can't see it. Thanks.

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fixed in r704

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