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Allow configuring which locks (and/or boat bridges) to share

Added by Thraxian over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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With trains, you can configure if you're sharing rails, stations, or depots. While the high seas are free for anyone to use, canals and locks may be regulated by the owner, who may decide to charge a fee for their usage.

Would it be possible to include locks (the ship construction item that moves a boat from one elevation to another through the water) in infrastructure sharing? Players could create a channel from one body of water to another, but charge a fee if ships choose to use it. This would be in addition to any fees at the docks, and each use of a lock would incur a charge. Players that don't want to use the locks would need to use buoys to direct ships around them.

Similarly, boat bridges and canals are player-built "rails" for boats, and it might also be nice to regulate their usage. For instance, players wanting to control shipping at a city could build a seawall along the coastline, and only allow entry through a canal. Other player wishing to access the city by sea would be required to pay a fee to use the canal to gain entry.

Ideally, players could control the fee for each lock/canal system independently, but a simpler start would suffice.


#1 Updated by Ammler over 10 years ago

Well, keep it simple, for beginning just enable "optional-sharing" for canals and locks.

#2 Updated by Hirundo over 10 years ago

Is canal/lock access currently not independent of ownership? If so, we should be very careful when introducing sharing settings for such things as one can easily break backward compatibility. For the same reason e.g. roads are not shared too.

Furthermore, how much are locks / canals actually used in multiplayer, where sharing would be applicable?

#3 Updated by Ammler over 10 years ago

Well, default is you share docks/locks and if you like roads, but if you enable sharing, you should be able to disallow it.

#4 Updated by Hirundo over 10 years ago

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We can't ever really implement this because of problems with backwards compatibility. Introducing special code to prevent that (i.e. roads/canals always shared) would defeat the purpose of IS and just make it more of a mess.

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