Feature Request #1769

Pre Plugin-Invoke ExtentionPoint

Added by dih over 9 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2010-11-08
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some type of ExtentionPoint which is executed before the actuall ExtentionPoint gets invoked, in order to have an influence if the ExtentionPoint actually gets handled:

Example: an Ignore Plugin

Assuming we want to stop a certain user from issueing commands to the bot, the Ignore Plugin needs to be able to stop further processing, thus has to be executed a tad earlier.
creating a Pre<Something> ExtentionPoint for every ExtentionPoint would be ugly, something more generic would be rather neat.
e.g. a @Pre(Chat) Annotation could be of interest (argument is the Annotation which it precedes).

the return value (preferably Boolean) is then taken into account in order to consider further processing (invoking the plugins or not).

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