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r649 bugs, bugs, bugs

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Man, sorry but... a LOT of bugs in r649.

- M141 DMU - misalignments bot on track and in depot
- DB608 - front engine misaligned SE & SW, rear engine misaligned NE & NW
- ALn 668 - when bought, all wagons in depot disappear but are there, also some wagons disappear on track
- EMD DDA40X - broken in half in depot and on track + I accidentaly noticed that you can attack METRO WAGONS to it when bought on 3rd rail track!!!
- Desiro EMU & DMU - slight front and rear engine misalignment for NE, NW, SE & SW
- several metros have "undefined string" in P-menu
- there is a metro called "Tokyo" with a Norwegian flag???
- NY R44 metro has "undefined string" problem and glitches going NE, NW, SE & SW.
- T1000 metro has "undefined string" problem and wagons are disappearing when going SE, NE, N & E

ALn668.pcx (20.3 KB) Voyager1, 2010-11-07 10:45

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Fix: Everything noted in #1761, close #1761


#1 Updated by DJNekkid over 9 years ago

Most of theese problems are due to how the sprites are positioned on the spritesheets, or even missing sprites. An occational "i forgot to set the proper length", but mainly spritepositioning :) (i.e. disero(s) should have sprite 4 and 6 positioned 1px left/right :))

#2 Updated by Voyager1 over 9 years ago

I'm really sorry if I caused some of these things...

Missing sprites, what do you mean?

#3 Updated by DJNekkid over 9 years ago

hey mate,dont be sorry, we all learn :D
<3 u :D

either way:
M131: wrong name, my fault (m131), missalignment, possibly my fault (didnt set the correct unit shortness properly?)
DB 608: too drunk to properly investigate it right now
ALn 668 - the reverse engine is missing, sprites 5-8 is missing on both pax and mail wagons
"EMD DDA40X" - Thats my fauly, fixed in r671ish
Desiro xMUs had the wrong alignment on sprite 4 and 6 (left and right respectably)
"metro undefined string" ... Thats my fault, no doubt.
"there is a metro called "Tokyo" with a Norwegian flag???" Also my fault. There is probably a couple of more metros with that problem,also my fault (vehicle-ID-problem)(fixed in a future vehicleID rework)
NY44 ... if glitches (other then white stripes... and grfcodec dont complan about it) its probably an alignment-in-the-blue-box problem, optionally i didnt set the vehicle-shortness correctly
T1000 ... missing gfx ... not wierd, its not put there either from the artist' side.

#4 Updated by Voyager1 over 9 years ago

ALn668 - yeah, my fault. I copied the front engine to the rear engine position and didn't adjust the sprites. Here's the new file.

#5 Updated by Voyager1 over 9 years ago

NY44 glitches - no whites in the sprites, I've checked, all are greys. The front and rear of the train seems "cut" underneath when going NE, NW, SE & SW, like a small part low down is transparent.

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