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Shinkansen 0 series misalignment

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Slight misalignment for Shinkansen series 0 going NW, NE, SW and SE.

howto.png (2.07 KB) DJNekkid, 2010-12-27 14:08


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Hi Mate.

I just did a slight overhaul on the shinkansen engines, and then i noticed that there is four sprites with a problem. If you open the shinkansen0.png file in the repo i've marked it with a red arrow. Or rather, i've marked where the bottom green line of the engine should be.
But iirc was this (both shinkansens actually) some of your first gfx. Why not take a look at them again and see what you can come up with. There is a "hack" that can be used, and that is to move all other sprites 2px up, but that will make them unaligned compared to other sprites.

#2 Updated by Voyager1 almost 9 years ago

OK, I see the problem now and agree with you. Leave them like this for now and I'm putting both Shinkansens back on my List as priority for complete redraw from scratch. Now that I see them again, they seem awful compared to some newer stuff I've made. :-)))

#3 Updated by DJNekkid almost 9 years ago

MUs: both ends face the same way.
Engines: the second (or 3rd on pixel-line 64, then the plist sprite is on line 96) part needs to be the direction is gonna have ingame

When it comes to the vertical sprites, my research show the following (see picture) with 8/8 on top, 7/8 in the second row, 6/8th in the 3rd.

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bah, wrong post :P

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New sprites drawn. This issue is closed.

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