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OldGFX - GUI -> do we want that?

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I modified the script to support ranges and also directly output ActionA to make newgrfs from the Sprites: http://mz.openttdcoop.org/opengfx/newgrf.php?1=0:1,679:770,774,1251:1274,1291:1300,1309:1312,2010,2429:2436,2593:2600,2724:2726,3090:3091,3668,4077:4089,4791:4792&h=555:556&t=329:340,885:901,1058:1065,1178:1193

This way, I could i.e. use OpenGFX as newgf or using OpenGFX as base and original GUI. (see attachment)

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#1 Updated by Ammler over 11 years ago

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#2 Updated by foobar over 11 years ago

I don't need such a grf, but others probably would like it. Thing with it though is that you can't release it, as it contains copyrighted material.

What you could do is provide a script that, when provided with trg1r.grf and grfcodec, automatically builds such a newgrf. I've been thinking of creating such myself, but as I like the OpenGFX GUI (well, most of it) it got added to the bottom of the todo list :) Such a script/makefile one can distribute. People wanting to use OpenGFX but don't like it's GUI can then run it to build the old GUI newgrf (oldgrf? :P) themselves without copyrighted material having to be distributed.

Do we want it? Personally, I wouldn't use it. Obviously other people would (including yourself?), as otherwise you wouldn't have come up with the idea? So do whatever floats your boat. After all it's open source! (well, OpenGFX is. Not the oldgfx-gui.grf, the legal status of that is at least highly questionable ;))

#3 Updated by athanasios over 11 years ago

Well you know my ideas about copyright, pirated software etc...
Yet since we want to be legal, we should not distribute copyrighted material.
Still I like the idea of a script to generate a grf for missing sprites from original grfs.
Ten thumbs up!

My suggestion:
Add all missing sprites' numbers in the scripts and release the script with OpenGFX. So no more black boxes anymore for those who possess (legally ;-) )original grfs! As we add missing sprites in OpenGFX, these can be removed from the script.
What do you think?

#4 Updated by Ammler over 11 years ago

As you can see on the bottom of the posted GUI link, it does already generate the NFO code ;-)

But it isn't meant for "filling up" the missing sprites with originals, it is more meant to supply the base grfs as newgrfs, too. Both old and new, some don't like the "darker" terain, some don't like GUI, some the vehicels etc.

So you were free to make your own set, load the old base and use some opengfx newgrfs or load opengfx and use some old as newgrfs...

#5 Updated by Rubidium over 11 years ago

Personally I don't think you should want to associate OpenGFX with the original graphics. I would say it is better to start separate project which allows someone to generate the Action A NewGRF from a base graphics set.

#6 Updated by Ammler over 11 years ago

I fully agree,

The part, which could be OpenGFX related are the newgrfs based on OpenGFX, so you could individually use them aside the originals, the other way is clearly not possible in "official" way.

Well, we will see, if there is interests later. For now, I keep it how it is... :-)

(deleted the example grf)

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