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Redo (all) (cargo) wagons

Added by DJNekkid about 9 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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The cargo wagons are just a piece of shit now it seems. Buggy gfx, buggy what-can-fit-in-what, etc...

We need, imho, a new set of rolling stock, with proper gfx for ECS and PBI (and FIRS?) Many of the current ones arent very pretty, and perhaps a bit to generic.

The problem however, might be that i know too little about wagons, what can carry what, why, when, how, in what, up where, out of what, etc...

Any imput would be nice, as well as sprites...

Any and all help is appreciated...

temperatemonolev.png (7.46 KB) planetmaker, 2009-12-07 22:32

cargothoughts.txt Magnifier (3.31 KB) DJNekkid, 2010-01-05 22:07

wagon_freight.tnfo (8.78 KB) DJNekkid, 2010-01-05 22:07

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#1 Updated by planetmaker about 9 years ago

I think we shouldn't make wagons too specialized. Something which I like about this set is that you actually can refit wagons and such build a train which can carry cargo in both directions. And given the variety of products, a too high degree of specilization isn't desirable. E.g. wood could come in the form of wood chips (as Nekomaster suggested).

#2 Updated by planetmaker about 9 years ago

"It seems bit silly to me that both the Silo wagon, and the Hopper wagon can take grain. Not to mention, the hopper wagon has superior capacity in that field, making the silo wagon a useless purchase.

Also, it seems the set needs to take a look at the tropical climate, why can't the boxcar take food instead of the intermediate boxcar?"

the fully loaded livestock wagon has a different alignment compared to the empty one.

#3 Updated by Ammler about 9 years ago

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#4 Updated by planetmaker almost 9 years ago

This feature cannot be complete unless bug #341 is solved.

#5 Updated by planetmaker over 8 years ago

For a comprehensive overview of rail wagon types, as least as used by Deutsche Bahn, see

#6 Updated by planetmaker over 8 years ago

molace's wagons are nice

#7 Updated by DJNekkid over 8 years ago

Here is what i've been doing the last couple of days...

How does it look?
line 129 -> 215 in the .tnfo, and basicly the first 15 or so in the .txt...

#8 Updated by DJNekkid almost 8 years ago

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im concidering this to be taken care of as well :)

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