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Political correctness

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Voyager1 did raise some questions, and im not sure if i can awnser them myself, quotes from a couple of PM's:

Voyager1:"One more "political" question: What flag would you use for a Nazi Germany locomotive or Yugoslavian locomotive or something out of a former country? I've seen you're using Soviet flags for Russian locomotive pre-1990..."

DJ Nekkid:"Youguslavian i dont think i have any problems with, but im not sure if i would like the nazi flag... A german flag i think would suffice..."

Voyager1:"That's the same thing I could say for a Yugoslavian flag. Or Romanian could say for the old communist flag, or Czechs and Slovakians could say for the old Czechoslovakian flag, or Americans for the Confederation flag. I know it's a stupid thing to think about but... should we be historically accurate or politically correct?"

Now, I am from Norway, and "we" were on the allied side in WW2, plus we were invaded by the Nazis. But what about the former Yoguslavia, or Checkislovaika? My knowledge of the conflicts in theese areas are unfortuneatly somewhat limited. Does as Yoguslavian or Checkisloavakian (or sovjet for that matter) flag raise the same feelings in the "eastern world", as the Nazi flag does in most "western world"?


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Woohoo, issue diggin'.
I only noticed this subject now (it probably never passed the forums xD ).

Personally, I wouldn't have problems with 'politically incorrect' flags. If a train is from the Nazi time-period, then we could correctly stick a Nazi flag on it. (It's just about being correct, it's not like we voice an opinion or encourage Nazism.) But I do expect a lot of people who wouldn't be quite happy with a Nazi flag (for as far as it'd be visible with the limited amount of pixels).

However, I also think we should treat all situations the same way. A Nazi flag is quite obviously politically incorrect, but there might be a lot of other flags which are less obvious. There has to be a line somewhere. No matter where that line is, it needs to be clear :P

IMO, there's three options;

1. Be politically incorrect, but technically correct. Stick a Nazi flag on a train if that's the truth. It's not like we can help the Nazis once existed and did bad things. People should just see through that. There's plenty of games and movies about World War II using Nazi flags for the same reason.

2. Be politically correct, but technically incorrect. Use whatever flag the country or region uses now. So any German train would get a German flag, even if it did operate in the Nazi time-period. Use a Russian flag for USSR trains, and no there's Yugoslavian flag either. We'd be incorrect at many engines, but 100% politically safe.

3. Use a parameter so the user can switch between 1. and 2.

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I wasn't going to raise this question again but today I had a very similar dilemma: Taiwan. Country of not? I know most western countries regard it as a country, China and some other eastern don't. I'm making a Taiwan metro, what do I do with the flag?

#3 Updated by Purno almost 10 years ago

I never realized there could be discussion about what is a country and what not. Isn't there some global organization which keeps track of the countries? :P

Either way, this seems like a different case. It's like using a London flag instead of a UK one, or the flag of some silly US State instead of the USA flag. It wouldn't be incorrect :P

#4 Updated by Voyager1 almost 10 years ago

Keeping track? I don't see how. LOL... Look at the crazy world today...

Never mind about my question, I'll put the Taiwan flag.

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