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true grfID and reported grfID in documentation differ

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[14:00] <Yexo> planetmaker: ser readme says the grfid is "SER" 00 but the code uses "SER0" (difference is literal 0 byte vs '0' (byte value 48 = 0x30)
[14:00] <Yexo> fo really make it "SER" 00 you should use "SER
[14:00] * andythenorth would like to get to FIRS 1.0 one day
[14:00] <Yexo> "SER\00" in the code
[14:01] <planetmaker> very good point Yexo. I'll need to fix the readme, using the same thing as the code :-)
[14:01] <planetmaker> I guess it needs some more pre-processing power :-)
[14:02] <planetmaker> problem is that it's defined twice... it shouldn't... hm

It's defined in both header.pnml and in Makefile.config. Maybe one should write a defines.pnml which is written by the Makefile framework and included as the first pnml file in the main pnml file. As such it then can define what is being used as GRFID.


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also the handling of it without the quotation marks would be nice

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