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<blathijs> ey
<planetmaker> moin
  • [blathijs] is away (Weg)
    <blathijs> Is there any specific reason openmsx installs into a directory called openmsx-$(VERSION) ?
    <planetmaker> hm, there is not
    <planetmaker> though music sets cannot come in a single tar
    <planetmaker> as such it needs to create a sub-dir in the gm dir
    <blathijs> Yeah, I know that. But for the .deb, it would be better if the directory was just "openmsx", to prevent the filenames from changing on every upgrade
    <planetmaker> but I guess just 'openmsx' would do
    <planetmaker> the problem with an update then is, though, that song names which changed will just remain.
    <planetmaker> that is you'll gather 'garbage' or dead songs
    <blathijs> only if you just copy the stuff over
    <blathijs> for the .deb, old files will of course be removed by dpkg
    <planetmaker> hm, yes.
    <blathijs> So perhaps we should look at making this optional from Makefile.local or something
    <planetmaker> I guess you're right, just installing int openmsx would be best.
    <planetmaker> at least by default
    <blathijs> I guess that for the binary zip/tarball you supply on bundles, the directory should still be called openmsx-$(VERSION)
    <blathijs> since that's customary for tarballs
    <planetmaker> and make install could - by default - just delete the contents of the openmsx dir before copying new stuff
    <planetmaker> hm
    <blathijs> Another thing, which might be good to consider now as well, is that currently make install installs the documentation files into the same dir as the midis
    <blathijs> which is not really useful for the .deb
    <blathijs> I've patched the config now to not include the docs on make install and install them manually, but something better might be needed
    <planetmaker> I'd be glad for proposals :-)
    <planetmaker> For OpenTTD extensions it used to be customary to ship the docs in the same dir as the extension itself
    <planetmaker> it avoids to overwrite readme with readme
    <planetmaker> It's no realy problem for newgrfs as the documentation is usally hidden in the tar. Which is anything but ideal.
    <planetmaker> And the same works for OpenGFX / OpenSFX
    <planetmaker> But...
    <blathijs> yeah, I also just noticed that the opengfx and sfx tarballs have the docs inside, which is kind of weird
    <blathijs> I guess it sortof makes sense if you supply only the tarball, but for a .deb it's weird (and duplicate)
    <blathijs> so we might need to think of something that works for those two as well
    <planetmaker> Myself, I've little experience with how it is handled in such packages
    <planetmaker> If you have a proper solution or proposal, I'll gladly work on implementing that
    <blathijs> I'll think about it a bit
    <planetmaker> :-)
    <blathijs> I'll poke Rubidium as well, he might have some insights
    <blathijs> Thanks for your answers so far :-)
    <planetmaker> no worries :-)
    <planetmaker> I guess I should talk also to Ammler who does the rpm generation for all SuSE stuff
    <planetmaker> he might have some desires in that respect as well...
    <planetmaker> let's put this talk into an issue for OpenMSX :-)

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#1 Updated by Ammler almost 10 years ago

  • tar only with target bundle_tar anymore
  • no versioned release dirs anymore
  • make install installs data to
    and docs to

this all can be made be the generic Makefile framework

#2 Updated by Ammler almost 10 years ago

another propsal for docs:

#3 Updated by Ammler almost 10 years ago

it needs configurable DATA and DOC dirs anyway, so you can keep make install to $HOME

#4 Updated by Ammler almost 10 years ago

  • Project changed from OpenMSX to NewGRF build framework
  • Category deleted (Build System)

#5 Updated by Ammler almost 10 years ago

if DOC_DIR isn't defined, you could use DATA_DIR, INSTALL_DIR can be aliased to DATA_DIR to keep compatibility

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